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Terms & Conditions

1. Usage of Digital Sheet Music

When purchasing digital sheet music at sheetmusictime.com you are purchasing the rights to:

a) print each copy of sheet music ordered on one occasion only; and
b) observe the sheet music ordered on-screen at sheetmusictime.com as long as it remains in the catalogue.

You DO NOT have the right to:
- download the sheet music for storage yourself or on your or other computer,
- redistribute the sheet music of all sorts or data format for commercial and other purposes, or

alter, edit or tamper with all the sheet music file or print-out, apart from alterations authorised by sheetmusictime.com and available with the Scorch sheet music viewer (e.g. transposition).

2. System Requirements

Use of the sheetmusictime.com website requires compatible hardware, internet access, and certain software. The performance of our service can be affected by the quality of these factors. You accept that it is your responsibility to ensure that these requirements (which may change occasionally) are met by your system. 

We strongly recommend that you use a high-speed internet connection in order to use our service.

Any reference to 'Windows Media Player', 'Scorch', or other third party software, should be taken as advice only, and not as a guarantee of the performance of such software. Any complaints about the performance of third party software should be made to the relevant companies who own the software.

3. Prices

The prices at sheetmusictime.com are a subject of change. They may change without prior notice.

4. Refunds

If you have trouble with your purchased products, please contact us at support@sheetmusictime.com and we will try help you resolve your problem. If appropriate resolution won't be possible within 5 working days from placing your order, we will cancel your order and refund your payment. sheetmusictime.com shall then have no further liability to you. Complaints and refund are possible within 5 working days from making an order. After 5 days sheetmusictime.com will not provide reorders and refunds. If no complaint is made (either via email or chat) so we can fix an issue, refund will not be made.

Refunds won't be issued for orders that are made by customers order (eg. ordering more copies then intended, sheet music not allowing playback and/or transpose functionality - product page clearly states one should check this prior to purchase, etc.).

5. Shipping

We sell digital sheet music which are available immediately after order being completed so no shipping is needed.

6. Jurdistiction

All purchases at sheetmusictime.com are a subject to Slovenian Law and the exclusive jurdistiction of the Slovenian courts.

7. Contact

sheetmusictime.com is owned by Fresh marketing s.p., Radehova 48, 2230 Lenart, Slovenia, Europe.
VAT: SI31237169
E: info/at/sheetmusictime.com